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Free Consultation

Please provide your contact information, the best time to reach you, and your concerns for a FREE 15 minute consultation. 

Open the Can 

After your initial intake form has been received we want you to get set, grab the can opener and express yourself! This first session might include;

  • Full Developmental Assessments Covering 5 Areas of Development (Cognitive, Adaptive, Physical, Communication and Social/Emotional) for children birth to age 5.

  • A much lighter approach to evaluations; you bring the conversation and I will bring the coffee!

  • Preschool Educators - lets brainstorm together and find ways to support you and your classroom!

Spill the Beans

You have taken the first brave step in raising or educating young children; asked for help or found reassurance in your own parenting style. So now what? The next session(s) might include;

  • Working together to contact your local Child Find team (If your child is three years or younger and qualifies, you could receive Early Intervention services for FREE!)

  • Get the ball rolling on targeted strategies making every day routines more enjoyable, or at the very least more tolerable.

  • Weigh in on the pro's and con's of preschool and find the perfect location for you!

  • Connecting you with local resources that meet the needs of your family as a whole!

Clean up the mess

Now we have a better understanding of what your concerns are and why you made the right decision to contact JuJuBeans, let us determine if ongoing individualized intervention is right for you and your child. At JuJuBeans we are licensed to provide Early Intervention services for the following;

  • Foundational Speech and Language Delays

  • Behavioural Delays

  • Social/Emotional Delays

  • Adaptive Delays

  • Cognitive Delays including play

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