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Just Judy Lynn

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself... how in the world did I actually end up living the life I am? Soon, you're reliving your glory days back in high school when you were asked to make your first big choice in life. College? Volleyball scholarship? Job? Sell all your belongings (which equates to maybe $500) and try to travel the world? Your mind takes you on a mini slideshow of butterfly effects until that moment when you hear your 9-month-old poo in his pants and you're snapped back into your reality!

Well, this was me not too long ago. Okay, this was me for like the 100th time not too long ago, hence the start of a blog. Now for clarification, I am pretty happy in my life. That nine-month-old

messing in his pants is hopefully just the beginning to a herd of kids. I come from a family of 7. Some half-siblings and some step, but I loved it! Believe me, when I say, my family means EVERYTHING to me.

My husband of two years is from Northern England. Far from London town, so the accent is not the nipple tingler your all thinking about, but wow, when I think of where my butterfly flew in previous relationships, I thank the good lord for having my back on that one!

I am super proud, and still not 100% convinced that I am a Doctor! I recently finished my Doctorate of Education at the University of Leeds in the UK. Yeah- cannot say that was the best time of my life but am pretty impressed with myself for sticking through it. Now, this next part might seem very impressive or a little over the top, but just know my educational past completely reflects my indecisiveness! Along with my doctorate, I also have a Master's degree in Early Childhood Special Education, a Bachelor's in Communication Disorders and one more Bachelor's in Human Services.

I am generally a happy, bubbly person who enjoys life. Don't worry I have some dark moments in my past, some from my own doing and some not. But I try really hard to leave the past right where it belongs and focus on what I have today. That said, I am having a moment. Not of unhappiness or self-pity, just a moment of feeling unsatisfied. My career is taking a turn due to COVID (go figure that one), but honestly, I have just felt the need for something new and exciting.

Just Judy Lynn is my newest opportunity to write about and promote the things I enjoy and hopefully lend a helping hand to others looking for support as an educational consultant. First, my education and job experiences will provide insight into child development and how to support kiddos with special educational needs from birth to five years old. Second, my personal life as a new mom will most likely contradict my professional opinion because having my own child was the most humbling experience of my life so far. Finally, my love for international travel and foreign men should lend a hand to managing the stress of travelling with or without kiddos, being away from your loved ones, and understanding the hardships of visas and green cards.

I hope you find my ideas/thoughts helpful or at the least enjoyable to read. I encourage your comments, but please be kind. I am just Judy, and the information I share is just my own non-judgmental opinions.

Finally, please post your questions or share your ideas for new posts!

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