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5 Quick Tips to Win the Infant/Toddler Diaper Change Battle!

Oh, the days of just getting your little one settled down to play, somehow managing to make your third cup of coffee for the day, and there it is… red-faced and grunts accompanying the horrible sound of loud ripping farts. Well, there goes that cup of coffee and here comes the rise in blood pressure knowing you have a full-on battle coming your way to getting this kids butt cleaned and changed!

Here’s to hopefully turning those dreaded sounds of toots of terror into a daydream! Nah, just kidding. Poo is Poo, it’s ugly and stinks. But cheers to not having it all over your face when you’re done! Just follow these 6 quick tips to win the Infant/Toddler diaper change battle!

1. Prepare for battle

Saying is old as dirt and still holds true today! Let me begin by saying, it is not a fun or exciting thing to have to get your pants changed at any age! Think about it… you’re just going about your day, tearing every item out of the cupboard you just discovered, smearing your cookie everywhere, letting loose and feeling great when boom! Someone swoops you up, lay’s you flat without asking, rips your pants off and releases an ungodly odour in your face. Not cool. Yes, of course, there are those kids that don’t mind it, actually, help, and do not turn it into an MMA match. However, for the majority of young children, this is a catastrophic time in their day in which they proceed to become world-class ninjas on the changing table! Moms, Dads, whoever is the poor soul braving the next diaper change, please know this is completely normal in a child’s development! Take. A. Deep. Long. Breath; and prepare for battle!

2. Give A Warning and a Choice

Okay so your infant, and maybe even your toddler might not fully understand if you tell him or her, “Okay well-done buddy, pound it for getting that one out, in two minutes we're going to refresh the pants”! What I will say, is that by giving them that language and talking to them about what is about to happen each and every time you do it, they are learning and listening and building a foundation to later be able to receptively understand what is coming their way.

Older children may have a better receptive understanding concerning getting their diaper changed in which case you could try to give them warning by:

· Setting a timer or having them set a timer for two minutes. ALWAYS GIVE THEM THE LANGUAGE “In two minutes it’s time to change your pants”.

· Ask them to help “Do you want to hold the diaper or the wipes?”

· Give them the choice: “Do you want to change your pants now or in two minutes?” OR Depending on how brave and skilled you are, if it is just a #1: “Do you want to lay down to stand?”

3. Have special objects that are only available during this time

Having a few special toys or objects around your changing areas that are only given during this time can really distract your kiddo from what is happening down below. Things like light-up objects, smaller toys that make noise, mirrors or you guys… my sons go-to “toy” when getting changed is the Nose Frida (totally disgusting but, worlds best invention to remove the huge boogies and amounts of snot children produce)! Household or “real” items like this seem to grab their attention even more.

4. Parenting Automatically Promotes you to a circus entertainer

I was once told in a training many years ago that when a child starts to cry or scream you should start singing. It was something to do with the fact that it is difficult for all parts of their brain to work to cry, wiggle around, scream and listen at the same time?! I don’t know if this always or ever holds true, but singing songs, or making silly sounds, being goofy can help entertain your little ones while getting a chance. Seriously, the more ridiculous you feel the more they enjoy it!

Songs with sounds and finger movements are great for grabbing a child’s attention and even better for their language and cognitive development! Here are a few examples;

· Wheels on the bus: Lots of movement here and you can create your own verses! “The baby on the bus says, Clap Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap, the baby on the bus says Clap Clap Clap, because he changed his pantssss!”

· The itsy-bitsy spider: Granted this is tough to produce a spider climbing a waterspout and changing your kids’ pants, but every parent knows; were superhumans with superpowers and super long to-do lists.

· Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: Very calming melody

· Song of Sounds: Not sure if this song is made up in just my family or if it is actually well known but my kid loves it. “Oo, Ee, Oo, Ah, Ah, Ting, Tang, Walla, Walla, Bing, Bang” over and over people! I mix it up with slow or fast, whispers and deep voices. This also provides a super easy opportunity for your children to be able to watch you up close and see how you move your lips and mouth to make different sounds!

5. Praise or Ignore

The final step to any transition in your day is to praise the good behaviour or ignore the bad. I am just Judy, just trying to give some support in making diaper changes easier for all parents raising littles, but these ideas may completely fail or only work for a day or two, or they can be completely life-changing! Always remember to give yourself and your kiddo grace. They are learning so much during these first three years of life. To have that time of discovery interrupted by needing to change their dirty pants can be very frustrating! Praise them when they come easily or help, or do not fight you the whole time and with any strength, you can muster to ignore their horrible little attitudes will reflect on their behaviours and how they can positively get your attention.

Best of luck! For a video version of this blog please visit:

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